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QVest Announces Registration in Alberta

QVest Announces Registration in Alberta


Monday, June 24, 2024

QVest is now registered to conduct business in the Province of Alberta

TORONTO, June 24, 2024 – Q Cantar Holdings Inc. ("QVest") today announces that effective June 7, 2024, QVest has been approved by its regulator, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) to conduct business in the Province of Alberta.

Q Cantar Holdings Inc. (the firm) has been registered under the MI 11-102 (Passport System) in the category of Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) and Portfolio Manager (PM) in the province of Alberta.

As a registrant, the firm is subject to the reporting requirements under the United Nations Suppression of Terrorism Regulations and the Criminal Code and reporting requirements under the UN Act Sanctions for Iran and North Korea.

As QVest expands their services and investment offerings, QVest is focused on ensuring an appropriate qualified advisor to client ratio. QVest is at all times cognizant of their service offerings, service areas and our ability to offer a level of service above expectation. As such, QVest’s expanded registration will, in addition, allow for the expansion of qualified candidates as advisors in both the new and existing provinces of registration.

One of QVest’s areas of focus is on Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), and the ability of our advisors to efficiently implement our portfolio strategies for our clients. We believe, QVest differs significantly enough from our peer group, where we have investment solutions that are not overly complicated, and more importantly, we have isolated a niche where a certain group of Canadians are underserviced.  With our easy-to-understand investment strategy, and simple implementation via SMAs, our target niche clients will find QVest a valued partner they should have met sooner.

Please contact one of our team members or connect directly with David Smith, QVest’s public relations officer who is the Head of Communications & Sales, for Private Wealth.

About QVest

QVest focuses on institutional advisory, private wealth management and specialty investment products. As of 2021, a new team has assumed control of company, ushering in a new era of growth and innovation. We wanted to create a company that is doing something that makes a difference to people’s lives, brings greater clarity and understanding as to what they are invested in, and why it matters. We strive for a higher level of satisfaction from investors.

• We believe in being agnostic to investment choices, capitalizations, sectors, and styles, to name a few.

• We believe in risk management which is not static and is a key differentiator.

• We believe in clarity of communication and responsiveness.

• We believe in adaptability, and the constant seeking of positive change.

• We believe in doing what is right for the investor.

• We believe in being proactive and being a valued partner.

As an independently owned firm, it allows us to keep our clients’ interests at the forefront. We value original thinking, discipline, honesty, integrity and excellence. We strongly believe in the principles of positive psychology and its impacts on people and investing which helps us drive towards our mission. Prior to establishing QVest, the portfolio management team came from diverse investment firms. We took over a specialty firm and restructured it with a positive mentality and enhanced our processes and systems. We are constantly exploring opportunities for expansion and enhancement through our depth of contacts by attracting and interacting with specialists from around the world.

Our Mission - To create, preserve and grow the value of our investors’ wealth.

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