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QVest Announces Appointment

QVest Announces Appointment


Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Mr. Wesley Langlois to join investment team as an Associate Advising Representative (associate portfolio manager)

TORONTO, May 29, 2024 – Q Cantar Holdings Inc. ("QVest") today announces the appointment of Mr. Wesley Langlois as a key member of the QVest investment management team as an associate portfolio manager effective immediately. Mr. Langlois is registered under the category of Associate Advising Representative under QVest’s Portfolio Management arm of the company.

Mr. Langlois in his two-decade long career in financial services, has enjoyed helping his clients grow their net worth and become financially independent. His area of specialty is in employing readily available financial tools to help his clients generate consistent, tax efficient returns while protecting their investment portfolios from potential downside volatility. Please welcome Mr. Langlois to his new role as he uses his knowledge to stay current in an ever-changing environment so he can continue to help his clients grow their wealth and manage their overall financial affairs.

About QVest

QVest has been around since 2006 providing high quality investment advice to institutional and retail investors. In 2019 we decided to make a change and introduce a new family of concentrated investment solutions. We did not intend to start a new investment company - there are already too many out there.  However, we noticed the degree of disappointment investors were experiencing in the marketplace, and that people were lost and confused with their investments.   Confused by what they were holding, and why they were invested in those companies.

QVest is managed by seasoned investment professionals, who believe in high conviction investing. Our value-add is understanding investment opportunities exceptionally well and applying active management to these positions.  An adaptive mindset is key in this fast-changing world, and opportunities can come from a deeper understanding of this environment, and as such, macro-forces matter to the choices, as a good macro base can provide stimulus to certain companies and sectors.  Risk management is also a key trait of QVest, for this the proactive nature of understanding adaptive forces helps us.  The opportunity lies in the combination of psychology and economics; the psychology of not being led by crowd mentality and the economics of understanding the drivers that matter in the economy.  These considerations, among others, are then applied to a high conviction set of companies that can take advantage of psychological mistakes and economic opportunities.

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